Fox River Fiber—Learn about the superior pulp producer

High-quality paper pulp is just the beginning

Fox River Fiber is a privately owned deinking facility equipped with leading edge technology and focused on hiring top-level people to provide customers with the highest quality paper pulp. We’re proud of our environmental stewardship and the opportunity to work in and beautify the U.S.A.


H.I.G. Capital is a leading global private equity investment firm with more than $15 billion of equity capital under management. The organization specializes in providing capital to small and medium-sized companies with attractive growth potential. Since its founding in 1993, H.I.G. has invested in and managed more than 200 companies worldwide. The firm’s current portfolio includes more than 80 companies with combined sales in excess of $30 billion. Acquired by H.I.G. Capital in February 2015, Fox River Fiber is more than ever devoted to offering the highest quality recycled fiber.

  • Our process is proprietary—Deinking wastepaper to create high-quality pulp is no simple task. The screening, cleaning, washing, and bleaching techniques we use are tested over time and lead the industry.
  • Our capabilities are superior—A daily goal of meeting customer demands has inspired us to use innovative ideas and equipment. Advanced technology allows us to produce incredibly consistent pulp.
  • Our service is legendary—A true team concept provides quicker problem solving and improved communications. Our free flow of information yields benefits in production as well as customer service.
  • Our quality is unmatched—A highly automated, computerized monitoring system controls the process, allowing us to manufacture the highest quality deinked pulp. Our experienced associates oversee every step.